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How to teach a child to flowers?

Many things that are easy for us in adult life are very difficult to learn in childhood, be it learning the letters, making sentences or recognizing colors. Few of us remember how I learned to distinguish colors, and who asks such a question is easy — the grass is green, the sky is blue — everyone knows that. But not the children who know this world from scratch.

Tips: How to teach a child colors

Most children are restless, constantly in motion, it is very difficult to get them to focus on something for a long time, so the most effective way of learning in early childhood is - the game. There are many training options:

  • Books, coloring, and more;
  • Educational toys;
  • Board educational games;
  • Computer educational games;
  • Online games on the Internet;
  • Creativity of parents.

What parents choose depends only on them and their creativity.

How to teach a child to distinguish colors?

By the age of 4-5 months, children can already distinguish colors, the earlier you begin to focus the child’s attention on flowers, the easier it will be to follow up.Remember, you need to communicate a lot with your child, tell him about what and who surrounds him when you show a thing to a child, at the same time you call its color: you see a flower on the street, say - you see a flower - it is yellow. At the very beginning of training you do not need to take a lot of colors, just remember the primary colors.

To begin, parents should teach the child to separate color from the object, make it clear to the child that the same object, the same form can be painted in a different color, in the process of communicating with the child it is necessary to focus his attention on the color of the object, call it, ask submit an item of a certain color. It is especially effective to involve your favorite toys in the learning process. For example, to ask - what kind of ball will we play - blue or red, while showing a ball of a certain color.

Then you need to teach the child to match the color of the object with the name of the color. When a child remembers the colors of his favorite toys, the color of all other objects can be determined with the help of the phrase: “The same as the red machine.” So that the child is not very difficult to remember everything at once, you can paint every day with different colors, for example, today you learn yellow.In this case, you wear a yellow T-shirt to the child, draw the sun, serve food in a yellow plate, point out yellow objects for a walk. They learned how to define color, but how to teach a child to memorize colors?

The next step is to choose a game, during which different or identical objects must be arranged in colors. Very much help in memorizing colors drawing with paints, pencils or felt-tip pens. When a child remembers the names of the colors, you can have fun by mixing different colors to get basic or new colors.

Teaching a child colors is not so difficult, most children can easily distinguish colors, just not everyone knows their correct names. Work with children and be patient - you and your baby will succeed!


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