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How to teach a child to blow your nose

Of course, how easily and quickly you will be able to teach your child to blow your nose depends both on your patience and skill, and on your child’s desire to learn this “craft”. Teaching a child to blow your nose is important in cases where your child categorically does not allow you to go to your nose with such instruments of torture as cotton swabs, scoops, and pear. In such a situation, there is an urgent need to clean the baby's nose, for example, from bogs or mucus, and it is better if he learns to blow his nose himself.

You can teach your child to blow your nose with the children’s natural curiosity, their desire for imitation and their love for games.

Try to teach your child to blow your nose by showing your baby how his dad or brother does. With regular observation of this procedure by the child, he will definitely try to repeat it, and with time he will succeed.

Teach your child to blow your nose, you can playfully. Games “blow nose” easier to start practicing when the baby is healthy and his nose is not stuffy.Play a puppy hedgehog game with your child. Explain to the baby that the hedgehog tightly closes the mouth and puffs loudly through the nose, and the exhalations through the nose should be short and loud, one nostril should be closed. Let the puffing hedgehog run around the apartment, play hide-and-seek with the puffing hedgehog. Alternate the puffing through the nose with cheerful fussing and laughter, and then such a necessary skill will be laid in the child's memory easily and naturally, and when the need arises, your child will be able to blow his nose.

Playing "the wind from the nose" will also help you teach your child to blow your nose. The essence of the game lies in the fact that the baby must “blow” with its nose on light objects, such as feathers from feather beds, soap bubbles, a piece of paper suspended on a string, pieces of light paper and try to blow them off. Need to learn to blow air, alternately clamping one nostril.

It is extremely important not only to teach the crumb to blow one's nose, but to teach him to blow one's nose correctly. Already at the training stage, explain that the hedgehog snorts with “half of a nose,” and at the same time teach you to correctly clamp the nose wing with your finger. Do not require that the child "blew" out of the nose strongly, in the period of a sharp cold with a strong blowing of nose, the mucus in the auditory tube is possible.Do not allow the baby to blow into the squeezed nose, one nostril should be free and not squeezed with a finger

Do not be discouraged if you did not manage to teach the child to blow your nose. Perhaps, in your case everything is your time.


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