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How to teach a child to play

How to teach a <strong> child </ strong> to play
When the period of strollers and walkers is in the past, your child begins a period of active knowledge of life. The kid begins to walk on his own, he no longer necessarily holds onto his mother's finger. He is so eager to learn everything at once, that it is a sin not to use this moment, but within reasonable limits. Leaving the little one out of your sight is impossible in any case. At this age (2-3 years), the child likes to look at objects, touch, feel, study. It is important to ensure that they are safe for him, and he can handle the rest.
How to teach a <strong> child </ strong> to play
So you did not notice how he grew up. He enjoys playing with other children in the sandbox, imitating the heroes of his favorite cartoons, trying on certain roles. But playing with peers is not always interesting. Think of a game that both of you will like and also allow you to do your homework. For example, your baby may become a truck driver, and you may be the dispatcher of a transport company.And while in the kitchen you fry patties, while writing out transport vouchers, the “driver” delivers orders. Having played, the baby does not immediately realize that you almost do not participate in the game. Many parents come to the aid of board games, puzzles and puzzles. To make the game for the baby even more interesting, think up an additional incentive for it.
For example, announce a contest who will quickly assemble a picture of the pieces. Such games are not only that logical thinking and attentiveness develop, but also awaken leadership skills in the kid.

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