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How to teach a dog a voice command?

Ksenia Gaynulina
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How to teach a dog a voice command?

Various teams need to train a dog from an early age, from about 3 months. As dog handlers say, the older a dog is, the harder it is to train. A voice can be taught to a dog at almost any age and now we will tell you how to do it. Keep in mind that training is a treat, so prepare what your dog loves the most.

Street dressing

  1. Tie a dog to a tree and show it a treat. Stand a distance of about 30 centimeters from it. Tease your dog a treat to start barking.
  2. When the dog starts to bark, surely say a voice, stroke it and give it to the treat.

The main condition - do it every day until the dog gives a voice on your team.

House training

  1. Instead of tying a dog, just hold the leash with your foot. In the meantime, show her a treat, but don't let the dog jump over a piece of food.
  2. When she starts to bark, say: "Voice" and give a treat. Be sure to praise and show that you are happy with your pet.

Training with a friend

There is another fun way to teach a dog the command "Voice". This method can show a fun and very unusual.

  1. Let your friend sit beside the dog.
  2. Further you show a delicacy and accurately speak "Voice". A friend starts to bark, and you give him a tidbit. Of course, you need to use food that is intended for people.
  3. The point is that when looking at your friend, the dog must understand what needs to be done to get a treat. Try doing this with your pet.

We have also prepared articles for you, from which you will learn a lot of useful information about dog training.


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