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How to tie a gum?

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How to tie a gum?

In the manufacture of many products there is a need to bind the gum - a strip, which has elasticity. Knit this element with knitting or crochet special patterns. How to tie a gum, you will learn from our article.

Use knitting needles

For the spokes developed a huge number of patterns. Thanks to this, you can always choose the most suitable option for your product.

Classic option

This is the easiest way to knit a gum. We knit one loop with the face, and the other with the purl, one with the facial, the other with the purl, etc. The second row fits in just like the first.

Cross gum

The drawing of this variant consists of 6 rows. Starting from the seventh, the pattern is repeated. The first row is knitted with facial loops, the second with purl, the third and fourth with facial loops, the fifth with purl, the sixth with facial.

English gum

This is a very popular pattern, which is often used for knitting sweaters, scarves, hats. Due to the peculiarities of knitting, such a pattern looks beautiful and at the same time retains its elasticity:

  • we knit the first row with facial loops; then remove one loop (without tying);
  • for the second row we use the following pattern: we remove each purl loop without knitting, and knit a front loop with it in front of it. We make all subsequent rows with the same pattern.

For more information on how to knit English gum, see the article How to knit English gum.

Double elastic band

Such an elastic band consists of two layers, between which a cavity remains, into which it is very convenient to insert a sewing elastic to fix the product.

  1. We collect the required number of loops.
  2. For the first row, remove the edge loop, then knit one face. The next loop is removed to another needle. We continue to knit according to this scheme until the end of the series. In this case, the working thread should always be between the front and the removed loops.
  3. For the second row, remove the first loop. From the previous row, remove the loop to another needle. And knit her face.
  4. After 11-12 rows you will have a hollow gum.
  5. If the main fabric is connected, then we double the number of loops before knitting the elastic. This can be done in two ways.For example, after a knit one loop, you can do another one through it. The second method is somewhat more complicated. After each of the knitted loops we do a nakid, and in the next row we knit a loop with a nakida with a facial loop.

If you have questions about how to knit a double gum, read the article How to knit a double gum.

Crochet gum

If you need to tie a cuff of socks or a hat, you cannot do without the ability to crochet a rubber band.

  1. To get started, dial a chain of air loops. Their number depends on the size of the product, but it must be even.
  2. Then crochet the chain with crochets. You will get the starting row. Now knit gum following pattern:
    • First row - one double crochet knot in the third loop. All subsequent double crochets are knitted one by one into the loop of the chain.
    • second row - knit 2 lifting air loops. Then alternate double crochets before work and at work.
    • the third row we start the same as the previous one. Then alternate double crochets in the reverse order. First, at work, and then in front of her.
  3. Next, knit, alternating columns in front of and at work.In subsequent rows, the same columns must be placed one above the other.

By selecting one of the options, you can tie a hat with a rubber band.


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