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How to tie a herring tie?

Olga Izvekova
Olga Izvekova
April 19, 2013
How to tie a herring tie?

A herring tie is a narrow tie that comes into fashion again. A narrow tie can be worn with almost all shirts, it can be worn even under jeans

However, due to the narrowness of the tie fabric, not every knot will approach it. A knot on a narrow tie should be small and neat, maybe slightly asymmetric. From the classic nodes can approach the four, Prince Albert, universal and Cavendish.

Choosing how to tie a herring tie, it is better to stop at the simplest of these knots - the quarter. It is believed that the basis of this node was the sea node. Tie it is not difficult.

  1. Throw the tie over the neck and cross its ends so that the wide part is on top and is twice as long as the short one.
  2. Tuck the wide side under the narrow. Now the wide part of the tie is in your hands with the wrong side up.
  3. Wrap again the wide section around the narrow section.
  4. This time do not make a complete turn, but stop right behind the knot.
  5. Thread the wide side through the top into the loop it forms and gently tighten the knot.
  6. The knot on your tie is ready!

The main requirement for a tie - that he lay vertically and smoothly. With a narrow tie, this effect is more difficult to achieve than with a wide one. Therefore, it should be tied with great care. Spend a little more time tying it, and you get a beautiful, fashionable accessory for your clothes.


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