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How to tie booties with knitting needles?

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How to tie booties with knitting needles?

Booties - the first shoes of every baby. Small shoes, socks can be bought, and you can sew or link them yourself. If knitting needles for you are a familiar hand-made tool, then we will tell you how to knit booties with knitting needles. You will only have to choose the right yarn and get down to business!

Two-color booties for beginners

From this manual you will learn how to knit booties for a newborn with knitting needles. These soft, small shoes can be obtained even by beginning needlewomen. For work you need 50 g of yarn of two colors and regular straight knitting needles.

  1. We pick up 28 loops in the main color.
  2. Garter viscous knit 52 rows.
  3. In one step, we close 8 loops on the right side.
  4. We take the thread of additional color and continue knitting on the remaining 20 loops.
  5. We knit 4 rows of stockings (front face), then 4 rows of purses. In total we do 8 stockings and 7 purl rows - we end with face loops.
  6. Close all the loops in one row.
  7. Bend the striped two-color piece to the opposite side of the one-color part (start of knitting), close it with a ring and sew.
  8. We got a ring smooth on the bottom side and with a protruding tongue on the other.Booties
  9. Turn the ring upside down and put a basting stitch around the edge of its two-tone part.
  10. Tightening the thread is a sock bootie. We fold the monochrome part of the ring in a straight line and sew it with a straight seam - this is the heel. It turned out the sole of the booties.
  11. We form toe booties. Turn the slipper. Along the edge of its two-tone part, we again lay the basting stitch and tighten the thread.
  12. Turn down the tongue - the protruding part of one-color parts. Slipper ready!
  13. Also knit the second slipper.

Booties sneakers

You do not know how to knit booties-sneakers? Prepare the needles 3 numbers and 50 g of blue and white and use this instruction.

  1. White yarn recruit 32 knitting needles.
  2. We knit a foot - 12 rows. We knit the front side with facial ones, adding one crossed facial loop in each row. We also knit the wrong side with facial ones, but at the same time we remove the first loop, and knit the second, two last and two middle loops with the wrong side.Booties
  3. The following two rows are knitted with a blue thread on the face.On the front side of knitting for 3 loops to the middle of 2 loops we swap places and knit them together with one face (two facial loops with cross over). On the seamy side of knitting, we perform the same technique, but we knit 2 seamy loops with perekidy. We continue to knit until the number of loops is reduced by 2 times.
  4. Again we take the white thread and knit the cuffs (1 face, 1 purl) with a height of 10 centimeters. Close the knitting.
  5. Sew the edges. We crochet or knit the cord, thread it into the holes and twist the cuff.

Now you know how to knit baby booties with knitting needles in a simple and fast way, accessible even for beginning needlewomen. But these are not the only options for knitting bootees. You can also read how to knit booties on how to knit booties with two knitting needles. And they can be knitted on five knitting needles, using the techniques of sock knitting, or circular knitting. They can be made multi-colored or monotonous, warm or light, openwork or dense. It all depends on your imagination! Dare!


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