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How to train a hamster?

Anastasia Shostak
Anastasia Shostak
March 25, 2013
How to train a hamster?

Education and training of hamsters, reduced to the fact that the animal was accustomed to its owner, learned to recognize its voice, and without any fear was going to communicate. These are the most important conditions that you need to adhere to if you do not know how to train a hamster.

Tricks for hamster

  1. You can try to teach the animal to stand on its hind legs. In order for the baby to know the command “Stand!”, You should put it on the floor or on the table, take a little feed in your fingers and hold it over the hamster. The rodent is guaranteed to rise on its hind legs and try to get food. Only during these classes, you need to calmly and quietly repeat the command. After a while, the animal should get used to the fact that it receives a treat only after it has fulfilled your demand, and it will be ready to stand on the rack even when you do not have any food in your hands. Just do not abuse it, and the lack of food will weaken the reflex, which he has developed.
  2. Training hamsters is a lot of fun, teach your hamster to run in circles.This is not a very difficult trick, and the hamster will master it pretty quickly. We need to take a piece of his favorite treat and drive it in a circle right under the baby’s nose. He will definitely want to catch the food running away from him and will immediately start to catch up with her. After such training your hamster will correctly run after your hand, even if there is nothing in it. Carefully read the warning written in the previous trick and do not make the same mistake.
  3. Teach the hamster to "take the barrier." Carefully pull the animal out of the cage and place it on the table. Take your time, let it master well and sniff the surrounding surface. Now place obstacles of toys, cubes, cardboard tubes or other objects on the table. When the barriers are set, bring a piece of tasty food to the hamster nozzle and gradually take it to the barriers so that the rodent goes behind your hand. If the small ones are not very fat in the cage, then he will try to overcome all the obstacles and get his favorite delicacy. After a while you will be able to show your friends a natural “run with obstacles”. In no case do not change the order of the barriers - you will confuse the animal, and he will not be able to navigate. Now you know how to train the Jungar hamster and other breeds of this animal.

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