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How to treat the flu

You will need
  • Ascorbic acid, onions, honey, eucalyptus tincture, garlic, butter, lemon, mustard powder, sage.
As a rule, in the first days of the disease a person experiences a fever. It is best to spend this time in bed under a warm blanket. Put a hot water bottle at your feet. Or wear warm socks with a little dry mustard.
During the flu is characterized by fever. Because of this, a person sweats a lot, i.e. the body loses fluid. Replenish water in your body. Drink daily at least 2-3 liters of fluid. It can be plain water or mineral water, tea, juices, warm milk with honey.
As soon as you feel that you have the flu, start taking ascorbic acid. On the first day, take 2.5 grams. In the following will be enough and one. Dissolve it in a glass of warm tea and sip throughout the day.
Take medications designed to relieve flu symptoms.These include rimantadine, arbidol.
Visit a doctor. He will prescribe you the necessary drugs and drugs that reduce fever. And better call the doctor at home.
Regularly air the room where you are.
Use traditional medicine for flu treatment. Every half hour, take a teaspoon of a mixture of onion juice with honey, you must mix them in a ratio of 1: 1.
You can eat a small piece of lemon several times a day. To taste, sprinkle it with sugar.
Brew 200 milligrams of boiling milk with a tablespoon of sage. Continue to boil for about ten minutes over low heat. Cool, strain and boil again.

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