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Favorite music is very important. If a person cannot say what kind of music he likes, then he is deprived of the pleasure of manifesting himself in music. Music can reflect our inner world and give us peace and serenity. Music can arouse in us rage and anger, tenderness and love. Music is capable of much. It often happens that we need to somehow trim your favorite song. As a rule, this is necessary in order to download your favorite track to your phone, or use the moment in a musical composition for some sort of performance at a university or school and much, much more. Let's talk about how to properly trim the music. So:

How to trim a song?

To cut any file, you need a program that allows you to do this. It should be noted that almost all programs that cut music work about the same, so the instructions for cutting a song can differ only in some details. Proceeding from the above, we see no point in describing the actions for cutting the melody in each separate program of sound editing.We will offer you a general algorithm, which, for sure, will work in any program for editing sound and music. Any programs that allow you to cut music, you can find on the Internet by entering the appropriate query.

And here is the algorithm for circumcising the song:

  • Open the music tracker program. It is better to use a non-professional program, since you will not need most of the functions of professional software.
  • Open the file of the song you are going to trim. This can be done, as a rule, using the "File" or "File" menu. Here's how to start trimming a song on a computer.
  • Before you there was a file of a composition which is necessary for cutting off. What to do next? It is necessary to transfer the file to the working area of ​​the program for editing. The workspace looks like several audio tracks that are arranged horizontally. Often, when downloading a file, it immediately appears in the right track. If this does not happen, then you need to drag the music track to the track.
  • Now the song was on the right track.
  • In order to choose the part that you want to cut, you need to decide where it is located. The track that will be shortened is displayed in the program editor as a graph.It shows the frequency and amplitude of the sound waves, of which our song consists.
  • In any music editor there is a function to play the file. It is usually displayed in the form of a "Play" button (a triangle, which is directed by the vertex to the right side). We need this function in order to find out where the place that you want to cut in the song is located. If you know this in advance, then you can move the play marker to the desired part of the composition. Here's how to trim a song.
  • What does the playback marker look like? Usually, this is a vertical bar that appears in the place of the song where you clicked the mouse. From this marker and starts playing the track. Thus, you can play the song not from the beginning, but from any moment.
  • So, you listened to the composition and decided on where you want to cut it. Excellent! Now you need to find this place on the chart. The play marker moves while the song is playing. You just have to stop it in the right place. The main thing in this business is accuracy. You can trim the excess, and you can trim and not to the end. Try to more accurately determine the place of cutting the track.
  • After you have found the place of the song, from where you want to cut it, go to the selection of the piece that will be deleted. To do this, simply select a piece of the song from the marker to the end of the schedule. Selection is also done as you select text in a text editor, for example. Hold the left mouse button and drag the cursor to the end of the track, without releasing the key.
  • We hope that you succeeded, because then you need a minimum of actions. We need one team to trim the song on the computer. Here is a dedicated piece of the song. Right click on it. A menu will appear where you need to select the "Cut" or "Cut" function. Click on this function and you will see the selected part of the track disappear.
  • In order that the track does not seem to be chopped off, it is necessary to use the function of smoothly reducing the volume. To do this, select the very end of the composition, that is, a few millimeters of the graph from the very end. After selection, you must perform the function "Fade out" or "Quiet". Different sound editors use different function locations. It is possible that this function is in the pop-up list, that is, in the same place where the "Cut" function is located. Choose "Quiet" and try playing the song again.Now you will find that the song does not end abruptly, but smoothly.

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