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How to tune a new guitar?

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How to tune a new guitar?

You have decided to devote a little of your precious time to such an occupation as music. Commendable. Music is an absolutely unique matter, woven from the thoughts of a musician and the wave oscillations of the sound of an instrument. Playing on any of the musical instruments, a person plunges into the world of bright colors and images, after leaving which he falls in love with this word forever. The word "music". In this article we will talk about playing the guitar, and begin with the first stage - tuning the instrument.

Any instrument should sound harmonious and good. The correctness of its setting allows the musician to merge even more fully with the harmony and rhythm emerging from under his hands through the strings of a guitar.

Suppose you are new. You probably already know a couple of chords that you really want to hear in your own performance. But you need to start with setting up your tool. So, how to tune a new guitar?

Guitar tuning

Any musician or performer, being both a novice and a master, tunes a guitar in one pattern.The only difference between a beginner and a professional is the ability to hear and determine the desired tone of sound. The manual tuning procedure for the guitar is as follows:

  • Look at the neck of the guitar - there you will see six strings. Start tuning should be from the lowest string, it is also considered the first. This is the thinnest string and its sound corresponds to the notes (E) of the first octave.
  • Pull the first string with your finger or pick. If you do not accidentally interrupt the sound, you will hear a note. How do we check if that really sounds the right note? Household way: call somewhere where you will not pick up the phone or ask someone not to take it. The beeps you hear correspond to the note. Now, remembering the sound, you can tighten or loosen the string in order to get a note.
  • In order to adjust the tone of the string, use the guitar pegs. They are located on the head of the guitar. If your guitar is made in such a way that you see three pegs on each side of the head, then you have a classical guitar in your hands. The first string is the nearest peg from the neck. The strings are connected to the pegs, so you can trace this connection and find the right peg to tune the instrument.
  • So. Koloku found. Now pull the string. And while the note sounds, try to twist the peg in different directions.You will surely notice that the pitch of the sound changes with your actions. Your task is to build the first string so that it sounds like a note. In addition to a regular phone, you can use a special device. It is called a tuning fork. A tuning fork produces a note for each string. By ear, you can build each string.
  • Suppose that you have achieved the desired sound of the first string. And you hear a beautiful, light and airy note. From this string you can build an entire guitar. How to tune the guitar further. We do this as follows.
  • Pull the "open" first string. Open string - this means that you do not clamp the string in any of the frets of the guitar.
  • Now clamp the second string (this is the next in thickness and in order after the first) on the fifth fret. The technology of construction is as follows. The opened first string and, clamped on the fifth fret, the second string, should sound exactly the same. Now, with the help of the second string, you need to achieve the right sound. Have achieved. Go to the third string.
  • The third string, clamped on the fourth fret, should sound the same as the open second. Set up.
  • The fourth string, clamped on the fifth fret, should sound the same as the open third one.
  • The fifth string, clamped on the fifth fret, should sound the same as the open fourth one.
  • And finally, the sixth string, clamped on the fifth fret, should sound the same as the open fifth one.
  • Now you need to check the system. Clamp any chord you know. If it sounds clear and without falsehood, then the guitar is built correctly.

This is a manual setting method. You can also use the tuner. Need to buy it. How to set up a novice guitar using a tuner? The manual explains the principles of its operation and the construction of the guitar with it.


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