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How to understand that the relationship is exhausted?

New Year is the best time to take stock, make plans, and at the same time plan a little “general cleaning” of your own life in order to get rid of everything that really did not make you happy. In particular, this applies to relationships that do not cause either butterflies in the stomach or sparks from the eyes, as before, but still exist on the principle of "that they were", something like a first-aid kit with expired medicines and a step-ladder on the balcony, because everyone says that it's better when they are than when they are not.

You do not notice each other

Instead of “I missed you,” you hear “Where are the clean towels?”, And the talk of plans for the weekend at dinner was replaced by a banal discussion of household needs. You are not particularly interested in his new position, but he is not eager to find out how you are doing at work, but you discuss household duties with enviable regularity, as if you are not a couple, but neighbors in a rented apartment, whom only the absence of means interferes with living separately.

kak ponyat chto otnosheniya ischerpali sebya

On a sex life it is possible to put a point

Hey, where are the orgasms? The last thing you remember on the erotic theme is your joint vacation, where was both passion and feeling (or were it seafood and free champagne at the hotel?). Since then, sex exists somewhere in a parallel reality, but you prefer not to resort to it more than once or twice a month. You do not pull each other, and if it comes to sex, then you do not enjoy. In the absence of verbal (see first paragraph) and bodily communication, why are you still together at all?

Where do they have fun nearby?

You notice that you got bored in a relationship. Your joint pastime is more like not a date, but a trip to the district clinic in the morning is uncomfortable, depressing, incomprehensible how to occupy yourself. You do not have classes that you enthusiastically do together, although in the evenings you, as in the proverb about lovers, "look not at each other, but in one direction." That is in the TV ...

kak ponyat chto otnosheniya ischerpali sebya 2

You have ceased to live together

Why take him with you to the cinema if there are girlfriends there and he will stop you from gossiping? It is logical. And you will not call him to a corporate dinner, because of your colleagues he is hardly familiar with anyone and will grumble with boredomAnd so it can be said about any way out of the house, which now secretly means "rest" from a partner, break free, and it is advisable to return later, when he will already be deeply dozing off the wall.

You began to avoid each other

“Too much work,” “I forgot to invite you,” “next time we quit,” and stuff like that. If the office had a view of Central Park in New York and a couch, then one of you would have “lived” at work with great pleasure. In order to see less, each of you finds his excuses, but here you only no longer suffer from remorse of conscience.

kak ponyat chto otnosheniya ischerpali sebya 3

Where have all the tokens gone?

Previously, you celebrated all the holidays together and come up with your own reasons to set the table with candles, and birthday and New Year were not the only reasons to surprise your sweetheart. The “new” habit of forgetting memorable dates and ignoring pleasant details is a hint that people no longer remember you as often as before.

War unleashed

The “dying” relationship has another side besides cold-blooded indifference - this is manic discontent with everything that happens, manifested in humiliating cavils and criticism and, as a result, incessant quarrels.You or your partner is radically annoyed by everything that the other is doing, and no one is trying to respectfully hold in themselves this discontent.


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