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How to understand that the contractions began

Primary symptoms

It is necessary to know that 3-5 weeks before birth, false contractions may appear, which are not as difficult to distinguish from real ones as it seems. To do this, analyze the nature of pain and the frequency of uterine contraction. With false contractions, you will feel aching pains, a feeling of pressure and fullness, and a slight tingling in the lower abdomen.

Try a warm bath to relieve the painful symptoms of false contractions. If this procedure did not help, then this is a sign of real contractions, which are characterized by the following symptoms:

- pulling pain in the lumbar region and abdomen, increasing with time;

- discharge of mucus plug for 1-4 days before labor;

- possible selection of brown color;

- time between contractions of the uterus decreases;

- leakage of amniotic fluid immediately before the start of contractions.

When it is necessary to go to the hospital urgently?

Realizing that contractions are not false, but the real ones should immediately go to the hospital. Childbirth is a complex process that requires constant monitoring of both the state of the mother and the child.Periodic repeated contractions of the uterus, which increase in frequency within 3-5 hours - a sure sign of the onset of labor.


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