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How to upload vray material

Using any convenient search resource for you, find the material vray on the Internet. Please note that somematerialscome complete with a special installation program, and some in the "bare" form. If you only got the material itself, without the accompanying installation interface, download the program GetYouWant. This is a fairly common and easy to use program. Find it is not difficult, in addition, it is free.
Do the following if you want to download the vray material downloaded with the installer. Disable antivirus on your personal computer. Otherwise, you will not be able to unpack the archive from V-Ray. For some unknown reason, any antivirus perceives such archives as malicious software. It does not make sense to engage in reconfiguring antivirus, because then in similar situations it may not notice a real threat. Also, do not forget to disconnect the Internet connection, because by disabling the antivirus, you leave your computer defenseless.
Run the installation file after the archive is unpacked. Confirm all steps of the installation wizard by periodically clicking the OK button. Once the installation is complete, close the program and restart your personal computer. After that, open the 3d Max program and press the F10 key. A list with all the vray materials installed on your computer will appear.
Select the one you just installed, and you can start actively using it. If you downloaded vray material without an installation file, use the GetYouWant program. Click the "open" button, select the material. Then click the “Install” button and wait until the program installs and adds it to the 3D Max library.

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