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How to view the page in contact?

Igor Frolov
Igor Frolov
March 30, 2015
How to view the page in contact?

Many users of the popular social network Vkontakte are concerned about the question of how to view the Vkontakte page if another user has restricted access to it? The fact is that Vkontakte allows you to restrict users from accessing their page. If you do not enter the number of friends or if the user has added you to the blacklist, access to his page will be restricted for you. Is there any way to deal with this?

No matter how sad it is, you cannot overcome such protection. If you are not an employee of Vkontakte, you will not be able to open access to closed profiles.

Corrected methods

A couple of years ago, there were several loopholes on how to view a closed page in VK. For example:

  • The site Durov.ru, with which you could log into the network under your login and see more information posted in the profile of the person you are interested in than other users of the social network. However, recently this site has ceased to exist;
  • Getting direct links to albums, videos, friends, etc. Like, for example, on the site.

Now these loopholes are closed by the site administration.


Some services, sites and doubtful groups in Vkontakte offer their services for viewing hidden VK user profiles. However, be careful - most of them are fraudsters who seek to steal your personal data or infect your computer with a virus. Since the site administration Vkontakte has tightened the protection and privacy settings, it has become impossible to overcome such a barrier to third-party programs and services.

However, there are some services that provide an opportunity to partially get acquainted with the hidden information posted on the user’s page. For example, the site Skotobaza. With it, you can view the photos that the user has posted in hidden albums. To do this, simply enter the user ID in the search string on the site.


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