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How to wean a child from night feedings

How to wean a child from night feedings painlessly?

How to wean a child from night feedings painlessly?

An urgent need to learn how to wean your baby from night feeding appears in almost all lactating women, because, as a rule, the end of the lactation period coincides with the keen desire of babies to eat in the middle of the night. However, if such a temporary coincidence does not take place, then it is necessary either to feed the baby from the bottle at night, or somehow try to wean the baby away from feeding at night. It is about this frequent problem that we propose to talk quite seriously in this interesting article. We will be happy to tell you how to wean the child to eat at night, what is necessary to make it as safe as possible, describe the existing methods, and you will conclude whether you should do this at all. After all, you had a baby since you read our recommendations on how to determine ovulation.


Wean the baby from night feeding




The main thing is to accurately understand all the concepts for yourself and take the final decision, why you so strongly wish to wean your child to eat at night. And in this problem the cause itself is more important than all other moments. After all, before many pediatricians could tell moms that the baby must sleep at night properly, and his body must also sleep. They also argued that your maternal organism simply could not physically process milk at night.


Also, the doctors strongly did not recommend watering the baby with water, pumping until it was completely blue, and did not apply it to the chest. In our time, this approach has changed significantly. The mass propaganda of breastfeeding had a considerable influence on the course of thought of medical luminaries and helped in the search for some more humane methods in this matter. Now, immediately after birth, obstetricians tell young mothers how to fight for milk, make sure that the milk does not disappear, read articles, how to increase lactation and adjust the baby to the breast at his first request.


How to wean a child from night feedings painlessly?

How to wean a child from night feedings painlessly?


The kid ate a lot or he ate a little, and he seems to have just recently eaten or not at all, the day is now on the street or there is night - all this is absolutely not important. If he asks, you need to give him food right away. Especially at night. Why, at night, breastfeed your child? The fact of the matter is that at night the substance prolactin is produced, which is responsible for the lactation process, the production of the correct amount of breast milk. And if in the middle of the night you do not allow the baby to suck the breast, then throughout the next day it will be produced much less, because the body could not feel that you need milk.


In simpler words, you gave the baby some food right before bedtime, you fell asleep, at night the child asks to eat, you give him some nipple and calm him down for 10 minutes, after a specified time he starts yelling, you swing him until the strength of yelling ends he falls asleep nervous and hungry, you, also nervous and with overflowing breasts, fall asleep. In the morning, the child asks to eat earlier than usual, wakes you up, and you, who have not slept well all night, also have to wake up earlier than usual and begin to feed the child ready to burst.Being very hungry, the child almost eats everything and falls asleep again.


You get up in a terrible mood and try to do something around the house. After a few hours, the baby wakes up, you feed him a little more and continue to do your business. In the 2nd half of the day, when the baby wants to eat again, you find that the milk has become significantly less than it was yesterday at this time, you begin to worry about whether there will be enough next feeding. And now, after a few days of such a regime, it may not be enough.


Night feeding, first, is necessary to develop a normal level of prolactin, which is vital during lactation. Secondly, such “bullying” of her child, when he is deprived of food, can deplete the moral strength of any mother, significantly aggravating the problem of lactation, not to mention the very baby. And it turns out that weaning a baby from feeding at night is possible only when the period of completely normal lactation has completely ended.



After about six months, many mothers begin to think that if their baby is not so dependent on breastfeeding, it can eat food, and in general is already adult, then you can sleep peacefully at night.No one at all wants to experience the agony of sleep, as in those first five or six terrible months, and the first attempts are made to wean the child away from night feeding. Trying to cram various nipples, with new efforts, motion sickness begins with persuasion. Parents do not want to come to terms with the fact that their baby has not yet grown to a real adult regime, and if he asks, he must be given it. Another question is that if you have already decided to wean, then you need to act with a certain cunning and take into account a considerable number of different nuances.


Suppose that at about 10 o'clock you went with a baby to sleep. Before you go to sleep, you gave him to eat the mixture and put him in a full state. At night, it is necessary to feed the mixture, because many push the baby in the baby, and then feed the porridge in the middle of the night. They explain this in such a way that after eating a mush, he sleeps at night until 3 o'clock, and from the milk mixture he yells as early as 12 at night. It is foolish to prove to such parents, because they put their interests much higher than their own child, and therefore they give him a kasha, which is heavily digested by the child's organism for the night.


Try to give your child porridge one hour before bedtime, and then just before bedtime a small amount of the mixture and put him to bed. After your baby wakes up and starts asking for food, give him some more formula in the bottle and rock him again. The next time the baby wants to eat, give him tea (not sweet) or water. And the next feeding, which will be carried out early in the morning, involves the inclusion in the diet already and cereals. The meaning of the procedure of weaning is just a gradual decrease in the number of meals during the night time, as well as a decrease in volume. When the child is already about a year old, and he can get up on his own to drink some water and fall asleep again. Do not forget, however, that no violent measures can be applied and that you try to impose your child on your regime. Intelligent nature has laid in the child the necessary knowledge of when, what and how he needs to eat, in order to subsequently grow up strong and healthy enough, try to listen to him, learn to understand and try not to interfere.



So, what exactly conclusions can be asked for, after reading all the above? If the baby is still at the breastfeeding stage, then all the information on how to wean the baby from the night feedings will be useless for you. In this case, you should not at all try to wean your baby away from eating at night, it will be completely wrong. You should make every effort to establish your own regime, and try to make it so that it matches the unique regime of your baby as much as possible, and then you will not even be burdened by night feeding.


But if the breastfeeding time has long ago been left behind, and the child has not been a baby for a long time, but he still continues to ask for food at night, then all specific cases need to be considered separately, but there is still a reason to wean him. Try to apply the recommendations proposed in this article, but even if you still can’t do anything, with age it will all come back to normal sooner or later. And then, when your baby is already quite adult enough to not wake up in the middle of the night, then the unpleasant need for eating in the middle of the night will disappear of itself.


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