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How to wean

Wean baby gradually. Begin this process with the introduction of complementary foods. For example, for breakfast, instead of breast offer a baby porridge or fruit puree in a bright platter. And then water with water, juice or a compote of dried fruit.
Saturated, baby will not want mother's milk. And over time, and will get used to it at all, that he eats porridge or mashed potatoes for breakfast. Weaned toddler from the morning breastfeeding, proceed to wean from the day, and then from the night.
During the day, often offer your child to drink so that he does not feel thirst. Also, from time to time, give him a piece of apple, banana, pear, cookies. And at night on the bedside table, leave a bottle or drink with juice.
If the child is sleeping with you, in the process of weaning, �move� him to the cot. So he will not be tempted to get to your chest on their own.
The next method, known to our grandmothers, is to spread the nipple with mustard before feeding. Licking "unappetizing" sauce, the baby does not want to suck breast.At the same time it is necessary to keep a bottle with expressed breast milk or formula at the ready.
If for some reason a baby needs to be weaned quickly, there is such a radical way as to temporarily separate mother and child. A son or daughter for a few days is given to a grandmother or another close member of the family, whom the toddler knows well. During this time, the baby weaning from the breast, and, returning home, no longer requires mother's milk.
That's just to endure separation from mom without consequences is not all children get. After all, parting with the closest person is a big stress that will affect the psyche of the little man. Therefore, this method should be used only in emergency cases. For example, if you become pregnant again or you have a disease, for the treatment of which you must complete lactation.
A child asks for a breast not only to eat or drink. With the help of the sucking reflex, the peanut also calms down and falls asleep. Therefore, in the process of weaning from the breast, it is important to find a new way for these needs. For the baby, it is now important to spend more time with parents.Play with the toddler, read him fairy tales, show colorful pictures, hug, kiss. Do your best to have as few negative emotions as possible.

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