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How to wear necklaces, pendants and chain bracelets

For clothes made from flax and other natural fabrics: gold bracelets

In the summer, natural fabrics by all the rules should triumph over synthetics. Even if you dearly love juicy shades, you sometimes arrange a break from bright colors in favor of clothes made from fabrics of natural colors with decorations of pink or yellow gold.

How to wear necklaces, pendants and chain bracelets

Céline, spring-summer 2018;bracelet SL, white and pink gold (order)

For the most simple tops and T-shirts: chains on the body

Jacquemus - the legislators of modern intellectual fashion, which create quiet urban things without bias in any radical stylistics. Jacquemus can even be called the “normcore” about femininity: the colors are natural, the styles are airy, and the decorations are laconic. As, for example, these two crossed chains, which instantly made an ordinary white t-shirt fashionable and modern.

How to wear necklaces, pendants and chain bracelets

Jacquemus, Fall-Winter 2018;SL chain, rose gold, armor weaving (to order)chain SL, rose gold, weaving - Singapore (order)

For shirts and shirts of all stripes: concise necklace

A short, medium chain around the neck is the best alternative to a choker necklace for the summer. Wear this jewelry with plain shirts and print shirts tucked into jeans or shorts in the manner of the 70s.

How to wear necklaces, pendants and chain bracelets

Chloé, autumn-winter 2018;necklace SL, yellow gold (order)

For dresses in safari style: long chains

There is such a trend in fashion as naturalism, when things purposely want to appear closer to nature and to life. Mark 3.1 Phillip Lim, it seems, "hooked" on this carefree wave, when the dresses look deliberately wrinkled, and shoes and jewelry resemble homemade due to inserts made of shells or pieces of fabric.

How to wear necklaces, pendants and chain bracelets

3.1 Phillip Lim, autumn-winter 2018;chain SL, white and pink gold (order)

For small (and not only black!) Dresses: pendants with symbols

Christian Dior reminded us of how thin chains in several rows on one-colored dresses look stylish, creating a personalized composition of jewelry on the fabric. Choose which is closer to you: more stringent gold chains with a simple decor or silver with a lot of talismans and symbols.


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