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How to wear shoes with high heels and not get tired

Choose high-heeled shoes especially carefully. Make sure the shoes are perfect for you. Too tight shoes with heels will give you a lot of inconvenience and can lead to deformation of the foot. Unnecessarily loose shoes are likely to be rubbed or slipped from the heels. In it, you can twist the leg and get a serious injury to the lower leg.
Carefully inspect the shoes with high heels from the inside. For extra comfort, manufacturers of high-quality stiletto shoes place soft inserts in the heel area and in front of the toes. In an open shoe, there may not be an additional soft layer, but this is easily remedied by buying special helium pads to prevent the formation of calluses on the feet.
Exclude from everyday wear shoes with ultra-high heel size of 10-12 cm. Constant walking in these shoes can lead not only to the deformation of the foot, but also to problems with the spine.
The best option for every day is a heel of 6-7 cm. The exception is shoes on the platform, in which the difference between the heel and toe is significantly reduced. For example, shoes with a heel of 10 cm and a platform of 3 cm have the same effect on feet as 7 cm high heeled shoes.
Wear different shoes with different pads and heel height. This will allow you to use different muscle groups. Try to change shoes several times during the day.

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