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How to weave baubles with a name?

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How to weave baubles with a name?

Personalized handmade jewelry is a very nice gift. After all, people will know that this decoration was created specifically for him. Personalized baubles are one of the variants of such gifts. In this article we will look at how to weave baubles with the name in the floss technique.

Nominal broom strap from floss

The floss allows you to weave a bauble with any inscription, including the name, the name of any group, city, country, etc. And the technique itself should not cause any difficulties.

  1. First of all, on the checkered paper we outline the drawing lettering. To do this, you can use ready-made patterns of the alphabet to make the right word. You can also come up with your own labeling scheme. The optimal size of letters in height is 5 cells, 3-4 cells wide. You also need to take one box at the top and bottom of the inscription.Bauble
  2. We weave a classic nominal bauble in which two colors will be used (one for the background, the other for letters).The threads of the color of the letters will form the basis. As we have already decided, the height of the letters and the frame together form 7 cells. So, for the base you need to take 7 threads (on average, 50 cm each). A skein of thread is used for the background.
  3. To make it easier to weave, we fix the tips of all the threads on one side. This can be done with scotch tape.
  4. We begin to weave the background, with the help of the leading thread. We weave several rows of the background so that the name is obtained in the center of the bracelet, at the rate of 1 cm = 5 rows. With a leading thread, we tie two knots to the right on each base thread - when we carry the skein to the right side, and two knots to the left - when we lead the skein to the left side.
  5. When the first part of the background is done, proceed to weaving letters. To do this, look at the scheme. Each cell of the letter scheme is two knots of the warp thread on the lead thread. That is, we weave a background thread around and inside the letters, and the letters themselves are weaved with warp threads using the same knots.Bauble
  6. In this way we weave the whole word, and then we finish the work only with a background thread. You need to try and carefully calculate everything so that the bracelet is in size, and the volume of the background on both sides is the same.
  7. The remaining tails on the sides can be woven into pigtails to get neat stitches.

From the floss you can weave a variety of beautiful baubles.Several schemes with a detailed description are presented in the article of our website - How to weave baubles with a pattern.

As for the nominal baubles, they can be woven from various materials. For example, in our article - How to make a bracelet with a name, you will find not only another instruction on weaving baubles from floss, but also a detailed description of how to weave a bauble from beads. Nominal baubles from beads also have several varieties, depending on the technique that you will use (for example, chain, weaving, etc.).


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