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How to win in Tote?

If you are actively interested in a variety of sports, understand the rules and intricacies, and at the same time also are willing to risk their own means in order to multiply them, predicting the results of sports events, then earning sports betting is for you. Usually, the term "tote" means just a sports tote. To win here a special strategy is used. Tote to play it, you must first select. And for this you need to know the difference between the tote and the bookmaker office.

Tote and bookmaker

A sports betting specialty is a service that accepts bets on sporting events of a certain kind - racing, football, etc. The bets that players make make up the prize pool, from which the winnings of the event results are paid. The tote and the bookmaker office are different in that in the tote, the estimated amount of the winnings is unknown to the players in advance.The tote always receives a percentage of the winnings for its services, so the results are not so important in this case.

The bookmaker's office is a service that accepts all sorts of bets on sporting events and pays out the winnings. Here, unlike the tote, the size of the possible gain is known in advance, i.e. The coefficients by which the initial bet is multiplied when winning are shown. During the reception of bets, odds are usually adjusted, it depends on the activity of the players themselves. A vivid example of making money on betting bookmakers - to bet on horse races. If the players bet on the clear favorite of this race, the coefficient by which the bet multiplied when winning will be noticeably less than if they had bet on the outsiders of the race, which would have won the race.

How to play the sweepstakes

  • First you need to choose the right bookmaker office or sports betting betting, usually on the Internet it is the same service. There you should register and then log in, confirming your entered data.
  • Before you can make money on the sweepstakes, you will need to replenish your account.This is done with the help of electronic currencies Webmoney, Z-payment, MoneyBookers, RBK-money, or using mobile communications, by sending a special SMS. The minimum amount with which you can bet is usually equal to 30 rubles.
  • Before you place your bets, analyze current sporting events. After that, you can make your first bet, and after waiting for the end of matches or games, rooting for the team, which put your money.
  • By making your bets, you rely on your personal experience and knowledge about the modern sports world. Often such an analysis is extremely rarely professional, and therefore rarely successful. But there are ways that allow you to win at the tote for sure.
  • There are special offices where people work who are professionally engaged in sports betting. They analyze all sports news, statistics of matches and games, the coefficients of team players, etc. As a result of this analysis, experts identify the bets with the highest probability of winning.

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