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Hugh Grant for the fifth time became a father

It seems that the inveterate lovelace and the misanthrope Hugh Grant seriously decided to beat Brad Pitt's parent record, without resorting to adoption. Who would ever have thought that one day the star of Bridget Jones's Diary and Real Love would become a caring father with many children? However, miracles happen: 57-year-old Hugh, who has been very cool about family values ​​all his life, now guards his loved ones so zealously that he hasn’t yet named the youngest daughter to any of the journalists. And now, having become a father for the fifth time, I decided to keep secret even the sex of the child.

Most likely, no one would have known about the replenishment of the Grant family if it were not for his former spouse and close friend Elizabeth Hurley, who recently told some good news on Watch What Happens Live. “Last week he became the father of five children, can you imagine? And this is after 50 years! I must say, Father from Hugh is beautiful. The children turned him from a very unhappy person into a moderately unhappy person, ”Liz said in a friendly way.

Publication by Hugh Grant (@hughgrantphotos)Jan 8, 2018 at 2:24 am PST

Publication from Hugh Grant (@hughgrantphotos)Jan 8, 2017 at 9:55 am PST

The kid was presented to the actor by his common-law wife, 35-year-old Anna Eberstein, with whom Hugh is already raising five-year-old John and his two-year-old sister. Grant also helps his former girlfriend, Chinese Tinlang Khong, to grow six-year-old Tabitha and four-year-old Felix. Do you think five children are a bit much? Jokes jokes, but Hugh is only happy. “It turned out great - to have children. Suddenly, you suddenly begin to love someone more than yourself, and, most surprisingly, you also love. I now recommend that everyone go through this experience, ”said Grant in an interview.


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