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I'm sweating a lot, what should I do?

Agree, it is not very pleasant to feel body sweat after fast walking, jogging or just playing sports. And, probably, there is no person who would like to smell of sweat or smell from other people. You may ask: If I sweat a lot, what should I do in this situation? Let's look at the reasons why excessive sweating occurs and how to deal with it.

It happens that sweating person pursues constantly. And it does not depend on heat or physical exertion. This process is called hyperhidrosis. And it is absolutely clear that sooner or later the question will arise: Why am I sweating so much? The reasons for this unpleasant manifestation, we will consider.

Causes of Underarm Hyperhidrosis

If a person has armpits sweating heavily, it is not only a constant feeling of moisture and an unpleasant sour smell. Everything can be caused by the development of various inflammatory diseases. And as a result, irritation appears on the skin. It is necessary to fight not only the smell, but also the microbes that cause all this.


In order to normalize the allocation of sweat need:

  • observe personal hygiene,
  • remove hair in a given area,
  • don't wear synthetic stuff
  • after showering apply special antiperspirant drugs.

If none of these methods helps, then a more radical solution can be found. With the help of surgery you can remove nerve nodes in the armpit zone, or use Botox injections.

Causes of hyperhidrosis of the feet

This manifestation does not cause anything but discomfort. Hyperhidrosis can be caused by heightened stressful situations or other factors. For example, poor quality or poorly chosen shoes, not respecting foot hygiene, disturbances in the diet.


For normalization you need:

  • apply foot bath with medicinal herbs. Suitable oak, chamomile, calendula.
  • wear comfortable shoes.
  • Do not wear synthetic socks.
  • ensure your feet dry. To do this, you can use powders, sage leaves.

Causes of hyperhidrosis of the hands

This phenomenon occurs most often in stressful situations, fear, embarrassment, hot climates or poor heredity.


To normalize perspiration, you must:

  • wash hands, alternating between cold and warm water.
  • apply therapeutic baths,
  • wipe your hands with cosmetic, disinfectant.

Causes of hyperhidrosis of the head

If a person has started to sweat the scalp, then this may be due to a strong expansion of the pores.


To fix the problem you need:

  • use scrubs and lotions
  • use cosmetic masks,
  • wipe your scalp with a decoction of tea or milk.

Causes of hyperhidrosis during sleep

The fact is that during sleep, the body continues to monitor the thermoregulation, and during any temperature fluctuations perspiration occurs. But sometimes excessive sweating is caused by insomnia or overwork.


To fix the problem you need:

  • take sedatives such as valerian, hawthorn, motherwort.
  • well ventilate the room
  • eliminate annoying factors.

Causes of hyperhidrosis in a child

The process of thermoregulation in a child tends to become normal only by five or six years. You should know that increased sweating may not mean anything or vice versa indicate the presence of a serious disease.The reason may also be that the baby is tightly wrapped or dressed not for the weather. Increased activity or a weakened immune system, hormonal changes, and a poor diet can also play a role.


To eliminate excessive sweating, you need to eliminate all the factors that can contribute to this. But above all consult a pediatrician.

How to eliminate hyperhidrosis

You should know that hyperhidrosis may occur due to some disease. And if you have tried all means, but nothing has changed and you continue to sweat so much, then examine the thyroid gland, the kidneys or undergo a complete medical examination and take all tests. Then the cause is sure to find and eliminate.


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