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If you dream about a guy who likes

Natalya Vavilova
Natalya Vavilova
March 11, 2013
If you dream about a guy who likes

Our dreams very often give us clues, push us for some action, or simply spotlight complexes and personal problems. It happens that a girl dreams of a guy who likes. What does this dream mean? There are several interpretations of this vision.

If you dream about a guy who likes it, it is important to remember the circumstances of the dream. What did you do with it, and in what environment were you in? If you calmly chatted or looked at each other, this dream may not mean anything important. Rather, he says that you are watching his life, but there is no push that would give rise to a relationship.

If you swore - then relationships are possible. Many people say that if you give a slap in the face or pushed someone in a dream, this person will “kill”, become attached to you. Therefore, not very friendly touch may indicate the beginning of a stormy relationship.

It is bad if you were kissing your chosen one in a dream. It means quarrel.But since the guy likes it, the dream may well be inspired by thoughts about him, especially if you remembered him before bedtime. Therefore, do not assume that the dream has a unique interpretation. Believing dreams need only a little, reasonably evaluating real events.


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