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In the toilets of Berlin, urinals will be installed for women to solve the problem with which everyone is familiar.

Berlin city officials are hoping to solve the problem of long lines in women's toilets, by setting gender-neutral urinals. In a 99-page document entitled The Toilet Concept for Berlin, the ruling coalition of left parties in the German capital claimed responsibility for public toilets with urinals for both men and women. The document says:"In the future, urinals should be offered that can be used by all the sexes." In support of such an initiative, it is explained that it represents “a continuation of the [toilet] concept and an opportunity for Berlin to show its innovativeness”.

After you, madam: In the future, Berliners of both sexes may find themselves near neighboring urinals. Picture:

Other features that will be included in the German toilet of the future are good luminance from the outside, alarms and gender-neutral signs. But by promoting urinals that can be used by women, Berlin officials are not the first in the world. Earlier this year, a Twitter user shared her impressions of using a female urinal in the toilet of a theater in Winterthur, located in the canton of Zurich, Switzerland.

#fail #Hilfe #wc Das ist doch was - “Frauenpissoir” Gesehen & erprobt im Casino Theater 🎭Winterthur pic.twitter.com/cr8YnhIcz4

- Tanja Janezic (@ Mala3012) March 1, 2017

She stated that she had “tested and tested” a new plumbing fixture, adding: “This is something.”

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Meanwhile, Professor Mete Demiriz from the University of Gelsenkirchen says that since women often flush water during a visit to the toilet, gender-neutral urinals will help save it.


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