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In which bank to open an account?

Igor Gorbatyuk
Igor Gorbatyuk
December 25, 2012
In which bank to open an account?

Today, modern banks provide a fairly simple procedure for opening a current account. For this operation, you will need a passport along with a taxpayer identification number and a certain amount of money. In the event that the actions are intended for a fixed pension deposit or if you wish to transfer a pension to it, then you will also need a pension certificate.

Before opening an account or deposit, you should decide for what purposes it will be used. In the event that it is intended to generate income, a time deposit should be opened, that is, a contribution in which receipt or expenditure operations are not provided or are carried out, but in a limited way. It opens for a certain period of time.

How to choose a bank

In which bank to open an account? After all, a lot of them today. Choosing among a large number of proposals, you should be guided by some factors, namely:

  • How far is the bank;
  • Interest rates;
  • What is needed to open an account;
  • For how long will the account be opened.

Each bank has its pros and cons. Large banks, such as Sberbank, UralSib, VTB, and in particular Alfa-Bank, serve, of course, at the highest level. But the tariff rates provided by these banks are quite high. Although, this is justified by the already promoted brand and a reputable name in the country's banking system. In such banks it is better to use large financial resources. Often, customers are large companies, well-known holding companies and stable enterprises. The speed of these banks is great, and the professionalism of highly qualified staff at a high level.

Avangard-type banks have lower interest rates, but their service is slower and slightly lower in level than the whales of the domestic banking system. Although employees have extensive experience, but the speed of service is an order of magnitude less, this is due to the work systems of such banks. The customer base is often individual entrepreneurs, as well as individuals.

Internet banking

In addition, recently the Internet banking service is actively in demand. It is also worth paying attention to it, this form is convenient for various transfers and other transactions that will be performed with your account. This type of use of banking services is gaining increasing popularity recently among active Internet users and even managed to gain confidence.

But for a more profitable decision it is necessary to figure out exactly what goals you are pursuing when opening your account. You must familiarize yourself with all the services and functions that banks provide, the necessary initial amounts for opening an account, reliability and efficiency. Each bank has its own system, and each one has a different one. Therefore, to the question of which bank to open an account, approach very carefully and responsibly.


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