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Is it difficult to get a Canadian visa?

Tell me, is it difficult to get a Canadian visa in Rostov? Who faced this procedure, tell us how difficult it all is? I need a tourist, not working.
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Answered 23 March 23:34
Do you have relatives or friends there? It would be easier if they sent you an invitation. And with him already less hassle and more likely a positive decision.
Answered 23 March 23:39
So in a nutshell you can not tell. Try searching on travel forums or in groups on social networks for information. There is still a common site, not a tourist focus.
Fedor King
Fedor King
Answered on March 23 23:51
Canada is generally considered one of the most difficult countries in terms of obtaining visas. So if you do everything yourself, then get ready for serious work. I know that there are organizations that assist in obtaining visas to Canada. Here you can read more about it. And let you pay money, but save yourself from problems.

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