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Can goat milk for children?

Angelica Artemyeva
Angelica Artemyeva
July 31, 2012
Can goat milk for children?

Goat milk has many advantages over cow milk. It does not contain the substance agglutinin, and therefore it is digested faster, it contains more easily digestible essential fatty acids, it is much less likely than cow’s, it causes allergic reactions and its composition is more similar to women's milk than cow's. So can goat milk for children? It may be worth in the absence of mother's milk to feed the baby goat milk?

Despite the fact that goat's milk is certainly safer and more beneficial than cow's milk, it is not necessary to give it to infants. It is better to feed the babies with special infant formula, among which there are those made on goat's milk.

But children from one and a half years old can begin to give goat milk, especially to those who suffer from various allergic diseases. But it is better to try sour milk products first. Now on sale you can find yoghurts and curds made with goat milk.

If you want to try to feed your baby with freshly milked milk, you must first make sure that the animal was not given any antibiotics or growth hormones.


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