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Is there a UFO?

Vladimir Doneshko
Vladimir Doneshko
August 13, 2012
Is there a UFO?

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Is there a UFO?

The abbreviation "UFO" stands for "unidentified flying object." The term originated in the post-war years of the last century, when publications about the observation of flying objects that could not be identified became more frequent in the press. The first surge of interest in UFOs was noted in the American press in 1947. Then the American Kenneth Arnold reported that during a flight near Mount Rainier in Washington State, he observed 9 saucer-like objects flying at a speed of about 2700 km / h. With his light hand, the press dubbed them "flying saucers." The term UFO has been used since 1950; its author is a researcher E. J. Ruppelt.

Military research

The US military drew attention to newspaper publications. Fearing that the flying objects could be combat devices hostile to the USSR, the commander of the Air Force ordered the study of anomalous atmospheric phenomena. Up to 1969, all the facts of observations of unidentified flying objects were studied, first by the military itself and then by scientists at the University of Colorado.After that, the official study was discontinued, without giving a final answer to the question of whether the UFO exists. The report of the commission was set out on 1000 pages and its conclusions stated that there is no evidence of alien origin. However, the research itself contained many interesting facts that modern science could not explain.

Community organizations

After this, various public organizations began to study UFOs. During this time, enthusiasts from different countries have accumulated a huge amount of information about the UFO. These are photographs, videotapes, and other documents. When verifying the facts, the lion's share of phenomena can be explained by astronomical, atmospheric or man-made phenomena. Therefore, the question of whether there is a UFO, the video also can not give a final answer due to the fact that no expert study of video did not confirm the fact of the alien origin of these objects.

However, there are facts that are currently not amenable to scientific explanation. These are numerous observations of eyewitnesses, and, recorded by military radars, objects flying at tremendous speed.One of the canonical examples is the observation of a huge flying “jellyfish” over Petrozavodsk in 1977. Thousands of people have observed this phenomenon.


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