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Ravioli is a type of pasta, together with pizza it is a symbol of Italian cuisine. It is believed that this dish appeared in Italy thanks to Marco Polo and his journey to China, from where he brought the recipe for miniature dumplings. Over time, the method of cooking has acquired a local flavor, and now ravioli around the world are associated only with Italy. Ravioli are usually in the shape of an ellipse, square or crescent, and ribbed edges. The main difference between ravioli and ravioli or dumplings is that they are not prepared with prozapas: ravioli must be served immediately. But in what form - it's up to you, because there are so many ravioli recipes that are enough for a large cookbook. Especially now, when Italian cuisine has become very popular, and almost every housewife has his own version of this or that dish. When asked what the recipe for Italian ravioli really is, there is no right answer - even in Italy, they are prepared differently in each area. They are boiled, fried in deep fat and in a pan, served as a side dish, as an independent dish or dessert, added to broths and ground soups.There are also a great variety of recipe toppings for ravioli: it can be vegetables, meat, minced meat, seafood, cheese, cottage cheese, poultry meat, mushrooms, fruits, and even bread. But gourmets believe that the most delicious filling is made from minced chicken, mixed with parmesan and seasoned with spinach. Pasta in Italy is never served without sauce, and ravioli is no exception. Ravioli is traditionally served with tomato sauce, served with olives, and plentifully sprinkled with grated cheese and greens. But there are other options: cream sauce and lobster sauce, pesto, meat sauce, honey, butter with greens or chocolate. In many ways, the recipe for ravioli depends on the sophistication of the cook and his imagination. But for the preparation of dough there are special rules. First, the Italians are sure that the room where you are cooking should be cool. And knead the dough only with cold, wiped dry hands. Secondly, only olive oil should be added to the dough - this will give it softness and elasticity. And most importantly - the dough should be no higher than 1 mm thick. To make it easier for you to understand the intricacies of Italian cuisine, we made a selection of ravioli recipes with photos and step by step instructions.

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