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Just see what a miracle of yarn can be crocheted

A fluffy six-petal flower is a wonderful basis for creating a variety of things: blankets, rug, chair cover or cushion, nice carpet and more! For a start, these delicate flowers are created, and then they can be combined into different compositions, to the taste of the master.

To work prepare:

  • hook;
  • wool yarn of two colors;
  • scissors.

Getting started:

1. Make 4 air loops (VP), add a semi-column without nakida (PBN) to the first EP to make a loop. Row 1 - 1 VP, 12 columns without crochet (RLS) in the loop.

2. Change the color. Row 2 - PBN in the first VP, 3 VP.

3. Form a long loop. Insert the hook in the same stitch, wrap the yarn and pull it out.

4. Repeat the same: pull the yarn, insert the hook into the stitch, pull the yarn, forming a long loop.

5. Pull the yarn through all the hooks (one petal is formed). 2 VP, PBN in the next stitch.

This is a rear view:

6Repeat the same thing five more times until you have formed six petals on the flower. Change the color of the yarn, play with different combinations, and then combine them into a single interesting composition!


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