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Justin Theroux published a rare selfie with Jennifer Aniston

Congratulating your second half with solemn events on Instagram is a star trend. Last week we were all touched by the act of Gisele Bundchen, who confessed her love to her husband, and now we envy Jennifer Aniston, because she was so lucky with Justin Theroux. In honor of the anniversary of the wedding (the couple pronounced oaths of love and allegiance on August 5, two years ago), the actor shared a rare selfie with his wife with subscribers. But, unlike Giselle, he expressed his feelings not with words, but with emoji icons, namely: he put romantic smiles in the shape of a bow with arrows and a red heart, which he added with a hooligan peace sign. During the day, the snapshot collected more than 90 thousand likes and 2 thousand comments with congratulations.


Post by @justintherouxAug 5 2017 at 4:23 pdt

“Marriage makes insignificant things even more insignificant, and significant things insignificant,” in an interview with Justin Theroux, usually laconic, but always philosophically minded. - You have an ally.And you know that he always stands behind you. ”


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