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Knitted horse

A horse is a symbol of 2014, a knitted horse can become a talisman for the next year, a wonderful gift or a decoration for a festive table. It's nice to give handmade souvenirs.
 Knitted horse
The height of the toy is 13-14 cm. Knitting is done by crocheting. You need: br>- hook, - thread for knitting, piece of fur - sintepon or cotton wool, - old belt, - two beads. - sewing thread with a needle . Description of work. Knitting is done with crocheted stitches, except for the very beginning of work. Head. Begin to knit with muzzles. From 6 air loops we make a chain. We collapse into a ring. Knit in a circle. In each loop we sew two columns with a crochet. Get 12 loops. Knit 4 rows. The muzzle is ready. We knit the head. In each loop we knit two columns with nikida. 24 loops will turn out. Knit 8 rows. It turns out this detail:
 We knit the head
Fill the part with a sintepon. Now we need to pull the item.To do this, for one row skip every third loop. Then knit through one loop until the part is tightened. The head of the horse is ready:
 We fill the part with synthetic winterizer
The torso. We begin to knit from the neck. We tie 13 crooks to the head in a circle with crochets:
 We start to knit from the neck
Knit 4 rows. The neck is ready. We knit the torso. In each loop we sew two columns with a crochet. Get 26 loops. Knit 10 rows. We fill a detail with a synthetic winterizer. Now it is just like a head. The torso is ready:
Legs. To the torso we tie in a circle 8 columns with nakidom
Torso done
Knit 11 rows. Leg fill with padding polyester. Now we knit through one loop, until the part is stitched. We knit the rest of the legs in the same way:
 We knit the legs
 fill with padding polyester
Tie three loops to the head. We knit the second row completely. And in the third row, we skip the middle loop.In the fourth row we knit one of the remaining two loops. We knit the second ear in the same way. The ears are ready:  Eyes of mane tail tail saddle
Eyes, mane, tail, saddle. Sew on beads - eyes. From the threads we make cilia. Mane and tail made of fur. From the old belt we cut out the saddle:  we make a bridle Sew it to the back of a horse. We make a bridle from the remnants of a belt. [/L_REPEAT]

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