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Jacquard knit socks

Knit beautiful and warmsocks with jacquard pattern.

Materials and tools:

  1. 3.5mm and 2.5mm stockings for elastic;
  2. yarn: (65% wool, 35% alpaca; 50 g. 92 m.).

Number of balls:

  1. 100-150-150 grams of gray color;
  2. 50-50-50 g of white color
  3. 50-50-50 grams of heather;
  4. 50-50-50 grams of ruby ​​color.

Pattern Description

Size:35/37 - 38/40 - 41/43.

Foot length:22 -24 - 27 cm.

Density of knitting:22 p. x 30 p. front face = 10 x 10 cm.

Jacquard pattern

Knitting description


1 row (= front side): knit with faces up to the last 7-7-8 loops, re-shoot the next loop as faces., 1 faces., throw the removed loop onto the knit loop, deploy the work;

2nd row (= the wrong side): knit with the last 7-7-8 loops until the last 7-7-8, reshoot the next loop as if., 1 out., throw the removed loop over the knotted, unfold the work;

3 rows (= front side): knit by front to the last 6-6-7 loops, reshoot the next loop as faces., 1 faces., throw the loops off on the knotted, unfold the work;

4 rows (= the wrong side): knit with the last 6-6-7 stitches to the last, replicate the next stitch as if., 1 out., throw the removed loop over the knotted, unfold the work.

Continue   knit this way until there are 12-14-14 loops on the needles.

Decrease for a toe: we knit up to 2 loops before the mark, knit 2 loops together faces, then 2 loops together crossed faces.


We knit in a circle on the stocking knitting needles.

We collect 64-64-68 loops on the needles of 2.5 mm ruby-colored thread. Knit 4 cm gum 2 persons. / 2 out. We switch to the needles of 3.5 mm and knit 1 row of facial, uniformly reducing with 4-4-8 loops = 60-60-60 loops. Next, we knit a jacquard pattern according to diagram A. 1.

In the row marked with arrow A in the diagram, we uniformly decrease 3 loops = 57 loops. We continue to knit on the chart. In the row marked with arrow B, we reduce 1 loop = 56 loops.

After A.1, the height of the product is 22 cm. We continue to knit in a circle with the front surface with a thread of gray color, while in the first row, evenly reduce 8-4-0 loops = 48-52-56 loops.

At an altitude of 23-24-25 cm, we leave the first 12-13-14 loops on the heels for the heel, the next 24-26-28 stitches are braced and retouched on the pin (the upper part of the foot), the last 12-13-14 sts are left on the needles for the heel. Next, we knit the straight and inverse rows with the front satin stitch across 24-26-28 heels 5-5-6 cm.Mark the row with a marker - then measure from this level.

Knit the heel- see the description above.

Then we collect 11-12-13 loops from each edge of the heel and return the knobs from the pin = 58-64-68 loops to the knitting needles. Place the tags on both sides of the 24-26-28 loop from the pins. Next, knit the front of the face, diminishing on the sides as follows: knit the last 2 loops to the mark in the upper part of the sock together with the faces. and the first 2 loops after the mark at the top of the sock together crossed faces. The decreases are repeated through a series of 6-7-7 times (= a total of 7-8-8 decreases) = 44-48-52 loops. Remove the side tags.

At a distance of 18-20-22 cm from the marked row on the heel, place 2 marks on the sides so that there are 22-24-26 stitches between them. We continue to knit a thread of gray color, at the same time we start decreasing for the socks on both sides of the side marks - see the description above. We repeat the reductions in each second row a total of 4–4–5 times, then in each row 5–6–6 times = 8 loops. We cut the thread, pull it through the remaining loops, tighten and fasten.


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