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Is Lake Baikal near Irkutsk?

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Dasha Zaitseva
Dasha Zaitseva
Answered 25 march 2017 09:47
Irkutsk is located 65 km. from Baikal. It is the largest city near the lake, it covers 30637 hectares. About 100 thousand people live on the territory of Irkutsk. The city consists of 5 districts. The modern center of the city is Kirovsky district. It is here that most of the administrative institutions, architectural monuments, and museums are located. On the territory of Irkutsk there are a large number of attractions. One of the main attractions is the Cathedral of the Epiphany of the Lord. This cathedral was erected in the 18th century, built in the Baroque style. Due to the proximity to the seismically active Lake Baikal, there are often earthquakes in the territory of Irkutsk.

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