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Learn the letters - how to help your child learn them quickly and easily?

Learn the letters - how to help your child learn them quickly and easily? This lesson is suitable for the youngest toddlers who have just started learning letters. Almost all kids love stickers. Why don't we think up a lesson for learning letters with stickers?

Your own name is the most pleasant word. For our little ones too. Many mothers knowingly or intuitively pronounce it as often as possible. "Where is Katina's room?" Here is Katina's room. Where is Katina's bed? Here is Katina's bed. ” And such a repetition of the name is very necessary for the child. He learns to recognize himself as an individual, he begins to realize that he has his own space, his own things.

 learn the letters

learn the letters

Child development and teaching children to read, we begin by writing our most precious name on paper plates.On each plate is a separate letter of the name. If the child has a separate room, then you can hang them on the door of the room, marking the space. The child will be pleased that his personal space will be signed by his name. If there is no separate room, such plates can be placed in any place convenient for the child. In our case, the little girl is called Catie and we see how beautiful the plates are located on the child’s door.

 How to teach a child to read

How to teach a child to read

When we are happy enough, reading the name of the child, we can go to the labels.

 stickers with the letters

lettering stickers

 looking for the right letter

looking for the desired letter

Our baby took the English alphabet, but there are enough stickers with Russian letters on sale. If it is difficult to find letters of the Russian alphabet, it is possible to use adhesive paper on which you can write letters and cut them in advance.

We suggest that a child find among the letters of the alphabet those letters that are in his name.We paste the corresponding letters on paper plates. Our baby first found the letter "c", then "a" and so on.

 the baby is looking for the corresponding letter

the baby is looking for the letter

 How to teach a child to read 1

How to teach a child to read 1

  1. Child realizes that any word, even its name, can be made up of letters
  2. The child learns to find the letters c and stickers
  3. The child will acquire the skill of typing his first words, and from there to the letter is close

You can also:

  • Write the name of your favorite animal
  • Heroes of cartoons
  • Your name, the name of your child's friend, the simple words "dad", "mother"
  • Sign the pieces of furniture: table, wardrobe , sofa

Occupation is very simple, interesting and useful.


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