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Lego Math

Lego math is an easy and fun way to teach a child math. Make mathematics a part of the surrounding child world, as Maria Italian Montessori, the famous Italian doctor and teacher, suggests.

At what age can you start doing math with your child? Literally from the first years of life!

 Lego math

Lego math

No need to turn numbers and actions with them into completely detached from reality science. In order to work with the child according to the above method, it is not necessary to give it to a special kindergarten or school of development. It is possible to begin the preschooler's education at home, independently. At the same time, costly benefits will successfully replace the materials at hand that most likely have in every home.

So, for example, with your child, we learn to count by playing with Lego. For clarity, I have prepared a cardboard tablet in the form of a grid, on the left side of which are large numbers from 1 to 10. In the grid cells, first I and then the child lay out the number of cubes, respectively, of the specified number.In this case, the baby has visual and motor memory involved, so memorization of numbers occurs quickly.

 lego math

lego math

It is very interesting to measure various things with the help of a turret made up of designer cubes. You can enumerate the details of the turret, like a centimeter tape, and you can recalculate the number of steps in it each time - thus, by measuring things, we also learn how to count.


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