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Leningrad pickle

Photo: Elena Moskalenko
Veal (on the bone)500 gramsPearl barley100 gramsPotatoes3-4 pieces (s)Carrot1 pieceCelery (root)50 gramsBulb onions1 piecePickles2 pieces)Tomatoes (pickled)2 pieces)Tomato Paste30 gramsVegetable oil (for frying)Sugar2 tbsp.Black pepper
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Sour creamParsley
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The Soviet version of the soup from the collection of Russian cuisine. Leningrad rassolnik was invented in the second half of the twentieth century in the city on the Neva - it was a recipe designed specifically for restaurants. For those times, Soviet Peter fed these first and seconded engineers and hard workers, and foreign tourists. They were satisfied and fed, they were all said.


Pearl barley with boiling water and leave for 30-40 minutes, then rinse.

Pour the veal with cold water, boil until cooked, separate the meat from the bones, strain the broth.

Chop sticks of both types of carrot and onion in vegetable oil, season with tomato paste.

Grate the pickled cucumbers, remove the skin from the pickled tomatoes - chop, and pickle in a separate frying pan.

In boiling broth add potatoes, cut up into cubes, and pearl barley - cook until half cooked.

Fill the pickle with tomato-vegetable stewing and pickles, bring to a boil, add salt, season with sugar and ground black pepper, remove the saucepan from the stove, cover and let the pickle stand.


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