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Light everyday makeup


Every morning, most girls have to make hard choices: make up or have breakfast. However, some women manage to do both. A natural question arises: What is the secret of success? In fact, there is nothing difficult in the morning not only not to stay hungry, but also to come to work with a visually attractive makeup. Some girls are convinced that in a short period of time it is impossible to make light everyday makeup. However, such a statement becomes incorrect if you possess the necessary knowledge that allows you to cope with the task for a short period of time.

Light everyday makeup

It remains only to learn how to properly apply cosmetics to the face, emphasizing their own advantages and hiding the minor flaws of their appearance.

Useful recommendations

In order for everyday makeup to look natural and natural, it is important not to forget about the following complex aspects:

Maintain your skin in excellent condition by regularly bedtime in the open air.Effective methods of skin care are peeling, scrubbing and application of nourishing masks. It is important to saturate the daily diet with useful products and consume a sufficient amount of fluid, adhering to a healthy lifestyle.
To create an everyday make up you need to purchase a set of high-quality cosmetics and tools needed for its application. Choose preferably natural products, which include no alkalis and harmful chemical elements. Accessories for applying makeup are recommended to buy in proven stores that have proven the longevity of their products on the domestic market.

Light everyday makeup

In order to correctly apply a light daily make-up for a short period of time, professionals advise buying the following cosmetic products:

tonic, necessary for the preliminary cleaning of the skin;
day cream for the face, nourishing the skin with beneficial trace elements;
UV-resistant foundation cream;
face primer;
powder with crumbly basis;
eyeliner or pencil;
a palette of shadows;

Light everyday makeup

Natural makeup shades are ideal for daily makeup. However, when choosing products it is important to take into account the peculiarities of your visual appearance - the color of your skin, hair and eyes. Remember that the main function of light makeup is to make the image of a girl more gentle and attractive, while remaining almost imperceptible.

To achieve the desired result, it is enough to devote make up up fifteen minutes in the morning, having planned your time in advance.

List of tools for applying makeup

Having decided on the choice of cosmetics of the first importance, you can go in search of tools to create the desired make up. It is recommended to purchase professional accessories, in which quality there is no doubt. With the help of such products, it is convenient and easy to apply cosmetics on the face, saving “precious” time on creating the cherished image. The advice of qualified makeup artists suggests the purchase of the following tools:

makeup brushes (for foundation or primer, powder and eye shadow, eyebrows and lipstick);
tweezers, with which the girl can independently give the eyebrows the desired shape.

It is important to regularly treat the complex of the above instruments in order not to put microbes into the pores of the skin.

Make-up brushes should be selected with a natural bristle, which is deservedly considered an environmentally friendly product. Adhering to simple recommendations, you can not doubt the safe and durable use of acquired tools for applying cosmetics.

Stages of applying everyday makeup

After purchasing the necessary tools and cosmetics, you can proceed to the practice of creating everyday make up’a. The first stage of applying light makeup involves thoroughly cleaning the skin of the face using a special tonic. After completing the preparatory procedure, apply the day cream to the skin, waiting for it to be absorbed. After the allotted period of time, you can proceed to the third stage of creating everyday makeup - masking problem areas on the skin with the help of a concealer. After all the irregularities are hidden and carefully hidden from the eyes of people around you, start applying the foundation.The final process is the fixation of the obtained effect of "natural complexion" through powder. At the end of these steps, it is safe to say that the makeup base is ready. It is worth noting that the above procedures are an important preparatory part, conducted immediately before applying makeup. Creating a light make up takes place using the following technology:

with the help of special shadows or pencil a clear line of the eyebrows stands out;
using an eyeliner, arrows are drawn (necessary colors) or eyeshadow is applied in one layer to achieve a natural effect;
the use of mascara for eyelashes, allowing them to visually enlarge;
applying on lips gloss of natural shades or lipstick of pastel colors.

Light everyday makeup

Compliance with the above stages of making make up allows you to apply cosmetics as quickly as possible without spending a lot of time on the procedure. In the morning, this advantage is undoubtedly the determining factor.

Makeup for blondes

Half the success - to master the technology of applying light makeup, buying high-quality cosmetics and tools.However, the selection of the right color palette, taking into account the characteristics of its type, becomes an equally important step in the creation of everyday makeup. We must not forget that cosmetics, optimally suitable for a fair-skinned girl with natural hair, with a dark-skinned and dark-haired female will look out of place, emphasizing the flaws and hiding the merits of the visual appearance.

It should be noted that bright shades are not suitable for everyday make up, it is preferable to use such cosmetics to create a “festive” image.

Makeup for blondes with eyes of blue and green shades involves the use of foundation and loose powder of pastel tones. To complement the image of the girl will help the blush of crimson color. In the process of creating a light makeup blondes do not need to pay attention to the black eyeliner, which does not allow to achieve the desired result. Preferably choose pencils of grayish or brownish hues. Mascara can be purchased in any color, without focusing exclusively on the classic options.In choosing the eyeshadow, be guided by the following recommendation: blue-eyed blondes will have gray, purple and violet hues, and “green-eyed” beige, olive and green tones.

Light everyday makeup

It is worth noting that the color palette in make up’s for brown-haired girls with slightly brown eyes is slightly different. Owners of this type, it is preferable to use cosmetics golden-sandy range, choosing powder or rouge. If we talk about eye shadows, then makeup artists are advised to pay attention to the products of blue, gold and coffee shades. In choosing lipstick, it is recommended to buy products of pastel shades. When using a pencil to outline the contour of the lips, be guided by the tonality of the lipstick acquired to complement, rather than disrupt, the overall color composition.

Makeup for brunettes

The rules for creating makeup for brunettes are significantly different, so owners of dark-colored hair must first familiarize themselves with the features of applying cosmetics..It is of paramount importance to bear in mind that most cold shades of dark-haired girls are not suitable.For this reason, brunettes choose the color scheme a little more difficult than blondes.

If a dark-haired girl has light-colored eyes, then she should focus on the light shadows, not forgetting to apply a brown eyeliner and a pencil. It is recommended to paint lips with pink lipstick, using a shine of natural tonality.

Green-eyed brunettes, it is preferable to choose cosmetics chocolate and pink shades. Girls with this type of appearance are best suited - mascara of chocolate color, crimson or dark pink lipstick.

Light everyday makeup

The most common eye color for brunettes is brown, so international brands regularly develop and produce a variety of products suitable for girls with such a visual appearance. Brown-eyed women are recommended to use cosmetics of silvery, chocolate, lilac and golden shades. Lipstick is preferable to choose pastel colors, abandoning the red color - the option of evening makeup, rather than everyday make up.

Techniques for doing eye makeup

Eyes are a reflection of the human soul, so they should pay special attention in the process of creating an easy make-up.It's no wonder that a woman is able to fall in love with a man with one glance only. It is important to bear in mind that the result directly depends on the choice of eye makeup technique..Common and popular methods include the following application options:


The easiest way to apply makeup on the eyes, does not take much time. At the first stage, shadows with a natural tonality are applied to the upper region of the eyelid (directly to the eyebrows). The second stage involves the use of shadows more saturated hue, which is placed on the central part of the century. In the process of the third stage, a contrasting variant of cosmetics is applied to the corner from the outside of the eye, harmoniously complementing the visual appearance of the girl.

Classic (vertical).

This method of creating a make up’a allows smoothing the narrow shape of the eyes, making them expressive and “wide”. The first stage involves highlighting the area around the nose with a concealer, the second - overlaying natural shades of color on the inner corner of the eye, the third - drawing the center of the century with cosmetics of rich tonalities,the fourth - before the outer corner of the eye you need to use even darker shadows, the fifth - to the outer corner of the eye is superimposed the most dark version of the shadows from the palette.

Classic (horizontal).

With this technology, you can make your eyes more elongated, so girls with narrow eye shape are not recommended to try a similar make up option. At the first stage, the areas near the nose are highlighted with the concealer, on the second - the line of eyelash growth is distinguished, using a pencil or eyeliner, on the third - relatively dark shadows are applied to the moving part of the century, the upper folds of the eyelid are darkened on the fourth; on the fifth, pastel shadows are placed on the remaining place (up to the eyebrow).


This method will suit the eyes of a rounded shape, which are located at a relatively short distance from each other. The first stage involves applying a light shade to the inner corner of the eye. After performing this procedure, proceed to the next — cover the moving part of the eyelid with shades of a richer tone. During the third stage, you need to darken the outer corner of the eye, tracing the symbol "V" in the upper and lower eyelids.

Light everyday makeup

Making make up is an art that involves hard work to achieve the desired result. If you learn how to do everyday makeup, then a nice bonus will be the emergence of self-confidence. A girl who knows what looks spectacular is always ready to conquer new heights, because she feels attractive and self-sufficient. It is for this reason that it is important in the morning not only to “nourish” a hearty breakfast, but also to pay attention to the creation of a visual image that involves the application of everyday makeup.


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