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Lindsay Lohan fell out with Kim Kardashian

In the 2000s, Kim Kardashian and Lindsay Lohan were girlfriends, you will not spill water. But something happened, and they stopped communicating, and now they are completely ready to arrange a hassle on social networks for anyone, even the most innocent one. What happened the day before. Braiding for the next photo shoot African braids, Kim hurried to put the photo on Snapchat to brag. New styling she called "Bo Derek's braids", hinting at the film "Ten", which she used for inspiration. The comment aroused the indignation of users: they drew attention to the fact that it is tactless to call classical African braids the hairdo of an American actress. One of the participants in the dispute was blogger Perez Hilton, who repost and continued to discuss the “mistake” Kim already on his page.


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