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Thread Threads

thread man
Every flimsy master of the house keeps the remains of colored threads. Try to execute from them for children simple fakes with their own hands. Funny and kind people will cause genuine delight in babies, and the process of making them will entertain children and develop motor skills well. You will need:
 thread men
• Colored threads (for knitting or embroidery) of two colors • Scissors • Colored paper (blue, red and white) • Two rectangular pieces of cardboard (more and smaller) • Glue The process of making men:
 little men of threads
1. Take a larger rectangular piece of cardboard. Its height should be equal to the length that you intended to give to your fakes. 2. In the middle of this rectangular cardboard, wind neatly the threads of the primary color. This will be the main part of your future little man. 3.Slowly remove the threads from the cardboard and on one side tie them with a thread. This is done so that they do not fall apart. 4. Now make hands for your little man. To do this, wind a thread of the same color and the same way onto a smaller piece of cardboard. 5. Remove it and tie both edges with a thread, retreating a little from both ends of the base of the hands.
 thread men
6. Make the little man a head. Retreat enough for the head distance based on its torso, and tie the top of the warp thread (its tip neatly hide). 7. Under the resulting head, divide the threads in two and pass the hands you have made so that they evenly protrude from both sides.
 thread man
8. Below pull the torso thread. So you have such parts as the head, torso, and arms of your funny little man.
 thread men
9. Scissor the bottom of the base, in front of you is now a little man-girl. 10. On her head, attach hair.They are made of threads of a different color. Choose the hair length required. Attach these threads to the head, so that the edges hang at the same length along its sides. In the center of the head, attach the hair to the crown. 11. Cut out your mouth from red colored paper and make eyes out of blue and white. Glue them to the base - that's the face.
 little men of thread
12. In order to get a boy, skirt (the basis of the girl) must be divided into two equal parts. Fasten them to the feet with threads. Feet turned out. 13. As a girl, make small pieces of colored paper to your boy's eyes and mouth. 14. Your unique thread fakes are finally ready. Quickly, simply and effectively.

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