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Lotus Flower

Flowers can be made from any material: threads, fabrics, beads, wood, iron ... But the simplest crafts will be made of paper. Sometimes you see a bouquet and you do not understand what it is made of, but you come closer and consider the paper composition. Today I want to share with you a rather simple master class on making a lotus flower out of paper. To work, you will need only a few leaves of exactly double-sided colored paper. The simplest option is two colors: necessarily green and another bright (purple, pink, blue). So, you need to cut sheets of paper into equal rectangles. The size of each should be 10 cm by 4 cm. For such a flower you need 4 green blanks and 8 colored ones.
We take a rectangle
We take one rectangle and fold it in half lengthwise.
 We open and bend
We open and bend inside two corners from one edge. Unfolding and bending
The same should be done from the opposite side.
 we bend to the center
Now one bend the long side to the center.
 we bend to the center
You also need to do it with the second half. This is how each blank should look like.
 Paper lotus flower
It turns out only 12 stripes: 4 green, 4 purple and 4 blue.
Paper lotus flower
They need to be put one inside the other. For example, green in violet, and then in blue. Bottom (in the middle) is always green.
 Paper lotus flower
You need to make 4 tabs on 3 blanks. We fold them wide to each other. And in the middle you should connect them with a small rubber.
 Paper lotus flower
Bend down 8 rays (like a snowflake). And we begin to gradually turn the edges of the paper out. It turns out a beautiful lotus flower.
 Lotus Flower

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