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“Mamma Mia! - 2 ”and five more cool films of the week

At the same time, the sequel and the prequel of the musical “Mamma Mia!”, After which ten years ago, everyone sang ABBA songs with new energy. Young Donna (Lily James), having gone on a trip, arrives on a beautiful Greek island, where, as we already know, will remain for a long time and will find her happiness. We will finally see why Donna from the first part doubted so much who was the father of her daughter Sophie.
At the same time, events unfold in the life of an adult Sophie (Amanda Seyfried), who understands the hotel inherited. We will hear the songs from the first part, and not yet sung ABBA hits. Well, the question whether the continuation with Lily James is in keeping with the cool musical with Meryl Streep can always be answered with the actual quote from Don Quixote: “The second part is never successful.”


Horror about a thin man without a face.

Producer:Sylvain White
Cast:Joey King, Julia Golden Telles, Jasmine Sabino, Annalisa Basso

An ominous semi-ghost in an office suit and with gutta-percha limbs was born as an Internet meme less than ten years ago.However, the mythology of this character is huge: he is cosplayed, films are made about him, computer games are made and they are frightened in the evenings, but his story goes far beyond fiction. With the figure of Slenderman, there is a terrible event that happened in 2014. Two twelve-year-old girls lured a classmate into the woods and stabbed her several times. Afterward, they confessed that they longed to impress the Slenderman. The victim survived, the criminals were tried as adults. With such a terrible story that really happened, not a single horror movie can be compared, on the outskirts of which a faceless face looms ...


Cinema about the friendship of man and e-dog.

Producer:Oliver Daley
Cast:Thomas Jane, Becky Gee, Ted McGinley, Alex Nustadter, Amin Nazemzadeh

The guy-motorcyclist Miles finds a robot dog in the dump. Axel - a unique experimental development of military scientists. They want to return a smart robot equipped with a set of weapons, but Miles does not intend to lose a friend.
It seems that the creator of the film Oliver Daily as a child was not lucky: the dog he dreamed about turned out to be a stranger. To close the gestalt, the director and screenwriter have to make the second film about the friendship of the electronic dog and the teenager extremal.

"Dangerous task"

The film is about how Daniel Radcliffe is talking on the radio.

Producer:Jesper Ganslandt
Cast:Daniel Radcliffe, Grace Gammer, Pablo Schreiber, Robert Wisdom, Cesar Perez

Pilot Sean is forced to transport drugs from Mexico to the United States in order to save the life of his beloved. The main action takes place in the cabin of the plane, which is controlled by the hero on the verge of a nervous breakdown, talking on the radio now with the drug mafia, then with the CIA. To go to watch in the event that you are in principle satisfied with an hour and a half alone with Daniel Radcliffe.

"Mountain lights"

A horror film about Americans in the Altai village.

Producer:Thomas Dunne
Cast:Erica Dusher, Emma Dumont, Kyle Jones, Ivanna Sakhno, Sam Hamill, Mason D. Davis, Alexey Vorobyev

Students from America come to a distant Altai village to visit relatives of their classmate Karina, who was strangely killed. Karina's brother starts a shamanic rite, in the final of which she declares that one of those who came is her sister’s killer. If you collect ridiculous horror films (there is such a genre: stupid horror, during which it parses laughter, not fear), “Mountain Lights” can decorate this collection.

«My Generation»

Documentary film about swinging 60s.

Producer:David batty
Cast:Michael Caine, David Bailey, Joan Collins, Roger Doltree, Dudley Edwards, Marianne Faithful, Barbara Hulaniki, Lulu, Paul McCartney

Magnificent Michael Kane talks about the 60s, the time of the rioters and artists, the time of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks and The Who, Twiggy and Marianne Faithfull. London, 60s, eighty-five, Michael Kane remembers very well, then his career was just beginning. It was then that he, with his proletarian origins, began to play the role of aristocrats.


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