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Masks for giving soft hard hair

You can independently prepare masks that will be effective and useful. They will help make the hair obedient, shiny and soft.

Everyone knows the wonderful properties of olive oil. It turns out that if you mix it with natural honey in the same magnitude, you can perfectly cope with the problem of hard hair. It is necessary to distribute on each millimeter of hair and be sure to carefully smear the roots. To make the effect stronger, you need to put on a special cap or a bag and, for more warmth, tie your head with a warm scarf or thick towel. Rinse with warm water and use a little shampoo. The duration of the procedure is approximately 30 minutes.

Many herbs are used to treat hair. Chamomile, linden and nettle are ideal for softness. In the dried form they are made by boiling water. After cooling, they are added various vitamins in the form of oil solutions and egg.The mask is applied on the head and lasts about an hour. After you need to wash the head with warm water and detergent.

You can make a completely simple mask. Just buy jojoba oil, almond or olive oil and apply it overnight on your hair. For better effect, the oil is slightly heated. In the morning, washed off with shampoo, and during the day you can enjoy their gentleness and obedience.

To prepare the mask you can buy blue clay, which is extremely useful. It will not only make hair softer, but also improve and strengthen hair. In any pharmacy you can buy it. The procedure will take 5 minutes. Clay is diluted with water and distributed in the hair. Then you need to thoroughly wash your head.

Using these masks, you can be completely calm, no harm to your hair will not be applied. And the positive effect will be replaced after the first mask.


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