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Melania Trump met with migrant children in a jacket with the words "I do not care, and you?"

Publication from The Catwalk Italia - TCI (@thecatwalkitalia)21 Jun 2018 at 2:53 PDT

Now the first lady is attacked by angry posts on Twitter and Instagram: even a few fans have turned up against her, not to mention celebrities. “These people are beyond fiction. This is impossible to imagine even in the worst nightmares, ”wrote the director Judd Apatow (“ The Girl Without the Complexes ”,“ The Bachelorette Party in Vegas ”). For his wife, he hurried to stand up for Donald, who explained the context of the print on the jacket as follows: “The phrase“ Doesn't matter to me, what about you? ”, Written on the back of Melania's jacket, refers to fake media. Melania was convinced that they were dishonest, and she did not care anymore. "

Has this saved the situation? Not really ... If the heels, worn in the disaster zone, and Melania’s ridiculous hat were still ready to forgive, now the real Golgotha ​​is waiting for her, not otherwise. And the stupidest thing about all this isthat the other day the first lady published a statement criticizing the actions of her own husband! “Mrs. Trump is painful to watch parents being taken away from their children,” said a text published by CNN. “She believes that the United States should be a country where all laws are enforced, but also a country where power comes from the heart.”


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