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My new old kitchen

The kitchen set lost its appearance, the cheap coating (pvc film) began to curl and peel off, which really depressed me.

I decided to try to prolong his life and update his appearance with acrylic paint and decoupage.
I’ll say right away that the master is not very good of me, no experience.
Decoupage was done for the first time, the technology was studied using the YouTube channel.
The film was removed, heating a hair dryer (normal).

Painted with acrylic paint (color received by adding color to white paint) in two layers,
made decoupage with regular napkins, tried craquelure (caulk, I'll tell you).

Closer craquelure

Covered with acrylic varnish on 3 layers.
That's what happened. General form:

Time costs - a week of daily work with breaks in household affairs.
Cash costs are about 1,300 rubles (paint, color, brushes, napkins, varnish, roller, craquelure varnish).

This was done in August last year. What can I say about the practicality of this so-called "restoration", as well as the mistakes of an amateur:

  1. It was necessary to primed before staining (there would be less roughness).
  2. More varnish layers (I applied 3), it was necessary 5-6.

As a result, in places where water has entered, in particular near the handle on the door, the paint began to peel off, but this is only in one place. For the rest I'm happy. The headset will still serve. Of course, if finance allows, it makes no sense to engage in this. Just buy a new one and throw out the old one.


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