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Natalia Petrova

- practicing oncologist, chemotherapist, blogger. Her motto isjust about the complex, available - about the important.The sphere of special professional interests is benign changes in the mammary glands.Considers that the experience of using chemotherapeutic agents, as well as drugs of targeted (targeted) action and the ability to timely correct adverse events along with optimal supportive therapy is an important tool of the doctor-patient team in combating the ailment. He has scientific publications and participates in Russian and international scientific conferences.

From the first person: “Perhaps, there is no other section of medicine surrounded by a large number of myths, fears, delusions. If before doctors often hid the fact of the disease and did not have free access to information about it, now there’s too much information. But there’s no reliable information. I am a doctor, behind my back there is a clinical internship in the specialty “Therapy” and clinical residency in the specialty “Oncology.” I want to be a source of reliable information for you. "

Education: graduated from Tyumen State Medical Academy in 2010, majoring in General Medicine. In the same year she entered the clinical internship in the specialty "Therapy". In 2011-2013 - was trained in clinical internship in the specialty "Oncology".

Professional experience: From 2012 to 2015 - Worked at the Regional Oncology Center of the Salekhard District Clinical Hospital as an oncologist. Currently working in the city of Anapa as an oncologist and chemotherapist at Sunrise Clinic LLC

Extensive experience in treating diseases such as:

mammary cancer,

endometrial and cervical cancer,


colorectal cancer,

lung cancer,

head and neck cancer,

cancer and neuroendocrine tumors of the pancreas,

kidney cancer

lymphoproliferative diseases

Advanced training: on the basis of the State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education TyumGMA on "Vertebrology of children, adolescents and adults with somatovisceral and neuro-orthopedic symptom complexes" (2011); on the basis of the PFUR Medical Institute under the program “Basics of Clinical and Aesthetic Mammology” (2016).

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Hello, I am 17 years old and my breasts do not have anything to do; well, maybe somewhere 1 size is what to do?



I have two degrees in the military infectious diseases specialist in Japan and Brazil. In Russia, I have no relation to medicine.


Good afternoon. My chest hurts a lot before, during and after menstruation. There are many cysts of different sizes, which are found during palpation and ultrasound. diagnosed with fibrocystic mastopathy.


I take blood thinners. The cardiologist has forbidden to eat vegetables and fruits of green color. The mammologist prescribed a drug containing broccoli. how to be.


"Natalya, I did a mammogram and in the left breast in the upper square an oblong shadow with calcification. What can this mean?


Natalia, hello. I have had problems with the thyroid gland for a long time - goiter, but the doctors did not prescribe the treatment, but said it was simple to be observed. They didn’t do a full examination either, they said to my request that it was no longer helpful, even in paid clinics.


Good evening!

Question to you as a master of your craft. True, I don’t know at the address, but, anyway, everything is connected.

I am a man.In the area of ​​the left breast (mammary gland swelling or bump formed, if in simple language).


I breastfeed a child for two years. I was told that it was harmful and a problem could arise. I didn’t even feed (my grandmother had a son), I just have to express a little bit because milk is leaking.


Is fibromyoma dangerous?


Doctor, hello, I had a mole on my neck as a child. I picked it all the time, and in the end it was removed in the 90s (I do not remember more precisely). There is a scar similar to keloid scar.


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