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Online store

Do you often buy clothes in online stores? Not afraid that the clothes do not fit? I now want to update my wardrobe for the summer, and in regular stores there are either exorbitant prices or no choice.

a guest19.06.18 16:08

On the Internet of course cheaper, the main thing with the size is always to guess!

I bought shoes in my online store for myself and my wife, for myselfhttps://biion.ru/bob-1123

In this store there is the possibility of trying on a courier, very convenient. So check with the store where you order

I mainly order on Ali. There you can find everything and the size tables have already been studied. On Ali, the main thing is to check the seller herehttps://sellercheck.ru/c/202001931so that his trades would be closed normally. And then you know that they come across not very reliable. But with such services it is convenient to check the sellers.

I buy almost everything through the Internet - convenient and profitable

a guest12.07.18 14:12

I do not understand those. who buys on Ali. This is Chinese !! You can dress no more expensive, but in brand clothes. In European online stores are often sales up to 90 percent! Then it turns out that you wear everything branded, but at the price of the same ali-express))) The main thing is to know places;)

Ali is not so bad.if you know which vendors to order from.

In Russia, I order a lot onhttps://www.oodji.com.If you work in an office, this is ideal. As for Ali, all small things come quickly and of good enough quality.

Yes, I often buy it. I usually buy in this storehttps://cashmere.ru/brands/missoni/there things are cool, really expensive, but in the season of discounts, the very thing.)

I buy mainly in Italian or French online stores, especially if there are sales. I make an order through Service Auctions. There are a lot of stores on their site, so there are always sales and, for convenience, even marked where they are. Well, I am calm for the fact that I get exactly what I bought, and not the brick in the box. Because there is insurance on purchases and you can order a photo of purchases before shipping. Now here are big sales in Italian stores, so again I order a lot of things for little money.

I myself do not understand how you can buy on aliexpress? Once I ordered a dress for myself, it came in 2 sizes larger, in short a bag that was sadly thrown into the trash! The dress was intended for the publication of the best friend's wedding. Rummaged through the expanses of the Internet and came across this section on the sitehttp://www.50platev.ru/category/platya-dlya-podruzhki-nevesty/everything fits perfectly, I advise everyone! They specialize in dresses, so everything is clear on the size grid.


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