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Orange Candied Butter

Cooking dried fruits in this way is a great solution to save money, and it is also a good solution for making a healthy product. This recipe is remarkable in that absolutely all products are used and nothing is thrown away. Dried fruits perfectly replace the sweet, you can always take them with you. And also, this is a great idea for a New Year's gift, the main thing is to pack it beautifully. Dried fruits in stores are now very expensive, and this is a great alternative to replace the store product. Cooking time: two hours Ingredients:
  • Six oranges;
  • Two glasses of sugar;
  • Juice of half an orange or lemon.
Preparation recipe First you need to prepare all the necessary products. It will take six oranges. Fruits should be thoroughly washed under hot water and rubbed with a brush. Next, the orange is peeled, for this, a cross-shaped incision is made on the fruit,from top to bottom and peel off.
 Orange candied fruit without oil
Next, the peel is placed in water. It is desirable to soak the skin of an orange for two days, but you can not soak it, if you use the below method. Soaked in order to remove excess bitterness. If you decide to soak it, then in this case the water changes at least two times.
 Orange candied fruit without butter
If you do not soak it. Put the peel covered with water, put it on the fire and let it boil. As soon as it boils, remove from the heat and pour out the water and pour a new one. Repeat the procedure 3 times. Each procedure takes twenty minutes.
 Orange candied fruit without oil
Next, wash the orange peel under cool water and cut into oblong strips.
 Orange Candied Butter
 Orange candied fruits without oil
 Orange candied butter
 Orange candied fruit without oil
Prepare syrup. For pour sugar and one mug of water into a saucepan. Dissolve and then put prepared skins into it. Cook for one and a half hours. Stir constantly. Boil until almost all the syrup is cooked. At the end, add half of the orange juice to the syrup. Then pour the remaining syrup and candied fruits through a colander into food paper, let them dry for a day, you can dry it on the battery.

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