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Orange Tiramisu

You will need
  • For eight servings:
  • - 25 pcs. biscuit biscuits;
  • - 1 glass of orange juice;
  • - 450 g mascarpone cheese;
  • - 1/4 cup icing sugar;
  • - 2 eggs;
  • - 1 orange peel;
  • - grated chocolate with orange flavor.
Put the biscuit cookies on the bottom of the baking dish. Pour orange juice over the top. For a special aroma, you can pour a small amount of orange liqueur. Leave to soak for a while.
Separate the yolks from proteins. Whisk the yolks with powdered sugar on a wooden spoon. Add mascarpone cheese, beat until smooth. The mass should be smooth.
Beat egg whites with a mixer until lush peaks. Mix with the cheese mass, add the orange zest, shabby on a fine grater.
Put the resulting cream on the biscuit in the form, level the surface.
Cover with some form, put in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours.

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